​​Fiesta Kiddy Corner
A Nurturing Environment for Future Achievers​
​Pre School & Infant Child Care
​​​Fiesta Kiddy Corner Montessori Pre School helps children thrive in and year out
​​​Fiesta Kiddy Corner Montessori in San Mateo CA, is a year round pre school , INFANT and childcare service. Fiesta Kiddy Corner Montessori (FKC) has helped children thrive in and year out.  Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment for futre achievers.  We understand a ll children are different, and we provide the nurturing and repect that each child needs.
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​Why FKC Montessori?
Fiesta Kiddy Corner Montessori (FKC)  is committed to the development of the whole child in a loving and nurturing environment. A Montessori education must include many facets of development: the intellectual pursuits, psychological well-being, physical development, and social awareness. These facets of development are interlocking within an applied philosophy that allows encouraging the child to grow to his or her fullest potential.

The school believes that development occurs in an enriched environment where the child is encouraged and challenged. They are neither hurried nor hindered. They work independently, direct themselves to the materials of their choice until they satisfy their inner needs for learning.

 At Bambini Montessori prepared environment, children are mixed in ages, within a 3-years development span; from INFANTS to TODDLERS.  Mixing ages enables the older children more socially advanced and capable to become role models for the younger ones. 

​Practical Life​​
​​​Sensorial Life​​
​​The Sensorial Materials are aimed to develop the five senses.  By seeing, smelling, tasting, listening, touching, and further exploring the sensorial materials, children begin to classify and eventually name objects and attributes in the environment. 

​​The Montessori Math materials and lessons help children to develop an understanding of math concepts through the manipulation of concrete materials, building a secure foundation of math principles, skills, and problem-solving abilities. 

Is the foundation of all future academic work because they promote concentration, order, and a complete work cycle.  Practical Life exercises pouring liquid, preparing food, washing dishes, setting a table, polishing silver or shoes and dealing gracefully and courteously with social encounters.   Through these tasks and experiences, children learn to concentrate, coordinate their movements, and develop fine-motor skills. 

​​​Science, History, Art, Geographic & Music​​
These are all incorporated into the early childhood environment. They are presented in sensorial ways with specially designed materials and real life experiences.  In Geography, children learn not only about names of countries, but the life of people and their respective cultures.  They develop a sense of respect for different cultures, recognizing that we all belong to the family of people.  Young children are natural scientist.  Watching and caring for classroom animals and plants create an interest in Science lessons an a reverence for life.  Art and Music give the children an opportunity for creative and joyful self-expression as well as experiences with great music and works of art.​​